CHEF Terri Hutter

10/26/1962 – 10/4/2017

“What catches your heart?”

- Terri Hutter

Chef Terri Hutter was small, but you will never meet a mightier woman. For eighteen years, as the Food Shuttle’s executive chef, she brought her strength, passions, and generosity of spirit to bear in service to our community. During that time hundreds of culinary job training students benefited, not only from her skill in the kitchen, but from her way of being in the world.

She embodied all of the best ideals of the Food Shuttle:

  • Inspiring through her strength and work ethic

  • Empowering and educating those in need

  • Connecting people through food crafted with love

  • Meeting people where they are, regardless of their circumstances & struggles

  • Sharing the harvest of her own garden and beehives

Chef Terri founded the Food Shuttle’s catering business in 1997. We at Horizon Catering intend to honor her legacy as we bring catering with a cause to events across the Triangle. From the fresh local produce we use, to our top-notch customer service, and utilizing this income to benefit all Food Shuttle programs--we continue to work in her spirit.

Here’s to you, Terri.